Children get it all at Legoland Malaysia Resort!

When there is news of its coming, it was fast spread along with some controversy. Some was skeptical about an international theme park landing in Malaysia. But all is thrilled when it was made official. Legoland Malaysia Resort bring together lego-themed amusement park, water park and hotel in one location at Nusajaya, Johor. Being the first Legoland theme park in Asia, Legoland Malaysia theme park also made the record as Malaysia’s first international theme park.

Legoland Malaysia Amusement Park

The iconic Legoland Arch is what greets you first to deliver its strong statement that this is no ordinary theme park. The whole park is then breakdown into several sections including Land of Adventure, Imagine and LEGO Kingdoms which travels you back to medieval period where it is all about castles, knights, and dragons. The park have tons of bricks built figurines or sculptures among the scenes where you could not resist not taking photo with. All sections consist of its own unique rides or playground and activities that easily suited everyone in their own way. LEGO City offers young kids to engage in physical and interactive activities like compete in putting out burning building, boat driving or learns car driving which they could later get their adorable first driving license at a fair price.

 Legoland Malaysia

The park’s main eatery – Market Restaurant is also here where most visitor often enjoy their meals while taking break from the heat outside. Another cool section is LEGO Technic which house the Mindstorms Academy where you can sign your kids up to take part in robot programming classes. The must visit attraction would be the Miniland. Homage paid with Lego bricks built into Asia popular destination or outstanding architectures like Tanah Lot of Bali, Forbidden City and Great Wall of China, Angkor Wat of Cambodia and others. While the structures are impressive viewed from afar, but it is the remarkable details including those mini inhabitants features that blow you away. For Lego’s diehard fan, shopping at the Big Shop would be orgasmic as it offer the largest selection of Lego toy sets under one roof in Asia including exclusive and hard to find items. And what is a better way to extend the amazing fun than shops for some souvenir or toys to continue your adventure back home.

Legoland Water Theme Park

If you adore being drenched or simply getting wet to cold down but still keep the action in Legoland. It is best by just hopping into the water park located next to the amusement park. Although it is the world’s largest Legoland water park, the size is not as huge as the title might suggest. You will soon appreciate that as you can enjoy everything here without the hassle of going a far distance for each attraction or worry of getting lost.

 Legoland Malaysia

This park is made up of a wave pool, playgrounds, and up to 8 unique slides with fancy names that bring real fun. They are vary in height, intensity and capacity to satisfy everyone’s preference. Splash ‘N’ Swirls will get you the feeling of being flush down in a toilet bowl. Wave Rider and Tidal Tube are the most thrilling one as you slide down free style pretty fast from the height of about 240 ft. But if you are more into relaxing activities, then build a raft from the available bricks or just grab a tube then float along the river surrounding the playgrounds of the park.

The wave pool is also another option which are young children friendly as the wave is made gentle. Parent with toddlers will definitely be crazy over Duplo Splash Safari which specially design just for them with shallow water, short slides and interactive Duplo creatures. The main playground would be Joker Soaker with again more slides, areas to climb or explore, and water jetting almost from every corner. Children might spend hours in there and still not having enough. You and your family would have so much fun that you would feel reluctant to leave when the day end and probably sworn to come back again.

Legoland Hotel

The building itself is fascinating with the look as if it is built from Lego brick in bright and fresh color of classic Lego scheme. Upon entering the reception area, you will have not only one but two life sized play areas – Lego castle and Lego pirate ship with countless Lego bricks to keep your children occupied while checking in. Going up to your room in their themed lifts is another little surprise in store with disco music come alive once the door is close. All the rooms in the hotel is formed on 3 themed – Pirate, Kingdoms and Adventure. Stepping into the room transfer you immediately into another realm with complete decoration and details. The highlight would be parent and children having their own space or sleeping area. Your kids will no doubt relish in their bunk bed, personal tv, and the treasure hunting game where the kids get to take home the found ‘treasures’. As for your dining pleasure, Brick Family Restaurant serve buffet spreads of various cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner with Lego models diffused all over the place. Buffet corner with foods set on lower height for kids to help themselves better is such a kind gesture from the management. When you think it couldn’t get any better, it does. The hotel also have a cozy play area with more Lego brick or foam brick for toddler and the amazing Xbox 360 kinect which elevate the interactive experience.

As you can see from many child friendly features of the resort, Legoland Malaysia make it straight that this is a paradise where children is prioritize to the point that adults might even turn green of jealousy or wishing hard that they are once again a child. No doubt in Legoland Malaysia Resort offering everyone a complete Lego experience in one stop which would be unforgettable or sworn to come back and indulge in this magical land.


Top Rated Shopping Paradises In Singapore

Look to shops at world-renowned prime shopping destinations with all the exclusive goods? or shops along the culture? You got it all here in Singapore. Well known as the most comfortable city to navigate in Southeast Asia. With its excellent public transportation system, fancily speaking you could zip from one part of the town to the next with ease like you own the superpower of teleport. Let’s go venture into this paradises and get the shopping madness going.

Little India

As the name suggests this is the centre for the Indian community in Singapore. One might confused himself being in the real India except this is a rather sanitized version. Despite being visited by tourist to a great extent, Little India uniquely still retains its distinct identity without losing it to become a mere tourist attraction. It is so attractive with all the colors, vibrant chatters, and the aroma of its signature jasmine scent. Serangoon Road is the main drag and you could get there conveniently from North-East MRT line’s stations of Little India or Farrer Park. Shop here and be dazzled by mass of Indian clothing and accessories, incenses, sweets and spices, garlands of fresh jasmine and souvenir like pots or brass oil lamp and more. There are also stores and specialty shops that offer electronic goods and digital gadgets in the most competitive or bargain based price. So sharpen up your bargain skill before entering the arena. The Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple is another place you could go. It is the eldest and busiest temple here but remember to take your shoes off and be respectful during your visit. You might want to stay in Little India as many hostels here offers cheap lodging. And you are good to savor the best of Indian foods at anytime. From fish head curry, kebab, naan, spicy lentil soup, to their yummy lassi drink.


Whilst Singapore is largely of Chinese, Chinatown is the traditional Chinese quarters which still retains its original charm of old. Among the local Chinese, it is known as ‘Niu Che Shui’ meaning “bullock cart water” which refer to the carts that is used to haul in drinking water. It is different here as dominant Chinese dialect is Cantonese and not Hokkien like most parts in Singapore. You could get right into the hustle just by exiting North-East MRT line’s Chinatown station. Chinatown is composed of restored pre-war shop houses that are full of wonders. You can find anything of Chinese from tea, medicine, herbs, traditional snack to trinkets, handicrafts, fashion, fine silk, antiques, porcelain, furniture and endless random surprises. Getting exhausted from all the shopping?

Head to one of the many spa houses to get that therapeutic massage, sauna or spa to relax and refresh or just be there simply to pamper yourself. You are sure to get a vibrant nightlife in this area too. Many expats and wealthy locals are mostly seen in exclusive wine bars in Club Street or Ann Siang Hill. Love to buy girls drinks? Head to the hostess pubs but be careful as you might bump into some who can be pushy. If you ever want to explore Singapore’s unofficial gay community, go hunting and look for those rainbow flags on many second floor bars and clubs.

Orchard Road

Its clean environment, wide pavements and the diversity of shops made it the top in best shopping atmosphere according to a research done by mystery shoppers from around the world.

Its constant developing infrastructure and revamp make sure it stay a frontrunner. This place is a shopper’s dream come true. Yes, you get it all. From local and international department stores to specialty and designer stores; From high fashion to high street brands of almost 5,000 from all over the world; Trendy eateries like outdoor cafes and gourmet restaurants in malls flanked by both side of the road. No doubt there is something for everyone. After getting strenuous lugging around with shopping bags, gets pampered at numerous spa or salons available here. Such a bonus especially for those who make up ruined and hairs gone wild in the shopping frenzy. Beside all the beauty, dining, and fashion, you could also find anything you need like groceries, electronic gadgets, furniture and more.

The only downside in this paradise is that you will never able to sweep every shop in one day; in fact you might even get whacked out by the whopping shopping malls and department stores located here. But what makes all the happening going? As the stores closed, bars and cafes opens up for you to unwind. Orchard Towers, undoubtedly the most notorious nightspot in the area which is a designated red light area. It have been famously recap as “4 floors of hustler”. Watch out for those Thai “ladies” who are inviting passersby in the hallways may not be ladies after all. If you are fine with a noisy drink, head to bars on the first floor which are borderline legit but the rest could be sleazy. With so much to do and see, Orchard Road literally never sleeps.

But of course beside shopping paradise, Singapore have many others attraction where you could visit and explore. It could be even better when you could arrange for your not-into-shopping partner to take your kids there while you fully indulge in your shopping spree. No more cranky kids around or sour looking partner to affect your shopping experience.

Why visit this small town of Mukah?

Mukah is a tiny coastal town of early trading and fishing port. It could be accessible by road nearest from the city of Sibu, or 2 hours speed boats trip from the town of Dalat. Mukah have an airport where you can fly in from Kuching or Miri only with small aircraft during the days as it have short take off and landing runway with no guiding lights to guide the aircraft during night time. Although most of its hinterland that was originally sago plantation which later developed into oil palm plantations, Mukah remains the main sago production place for Sarawak. As the nickname ‘The Melanau Heartland’ suggests Melanau is the majority of people here but other ethnicities such as Chinese, Iban or Malay could be still seen.


Mukah is famous for its iconic Kaul Festival. It is held annually in Melanau calender’s month of spirits to thank the spirits for a abundant past year and in the same time a prayer for a great year ahead. People would send offerings and play games and had a communal picnic by the beaches during the celebration. If you miss the event, you could opt to head to Lamin Dana located in Kampung Tellian Tengah, a traditional home built in 1999 that provide home stays for its guests and visitors. It is like a live museum where you can get to learn almost all about Melanau culture from dances to musical instruments, language, foods, costumes and crafts. It truly represent the effort to preserve a culture from disappearing forever in this present times.


Back at Mukah town, it is safe to assume a visit to Mukah market is a sure thing. An ideal place for people watching and purchasing local specialties with fair price. Get Mukah’s famous fish and prawn crackers which is said to be the best quality in the Sarawak and all the fresh fishes and greens you can get every day. Make sure you try out Mukah household’s dishes. The Umai, similar to sushi made of raw fish marinated with shallots, chillies and lime juice. Other local favourites includes Tebaloi, made of sago flour and coconut shred with prawns stuffed inside; And sago worms eaten alive or fried – not for the fainthearted, which actually are sago trunk dwelling beetle larvae. Certainly these are foods that you might only get the best in Mukah.


The Sago Factory Chimney situated next to the market by the side of the Mukah’s river banks is one of the few tourist sites and landmark. If you have more time to spare, do take a sampan across the river to Taman Tanjung Pedada, Seberang Mukah. It is a hidden paradise with its nature at its best. A place for someone who loves photography.

Places to Visit in Seremban, Malaysia

Seremban is certainly not the most sought after tourist destinations in Peninsula Malaysia. The metropolitan territory has a populace of more than 420,000 however, its middle holds the vibe of a little commonplace town. Yet it is the capital of Negeri Sembilan state and consequently, it is deserving of a short visit on the off chance that it is an on the way destination. The memorable piece of the town contains a couple of pieces of shop houses masterminded in a lattice design together with some stupendous pioneer and present day structural planning orchestrated around a beautiful lake garden. Its minimal format makes it a decent contender for one of your city strolling visits.

Seremban Railway Station tourbegins from the interesting old track station. The station was constructed in 1924 and has terracotta tiled rooftop and an outside booking territory. I saw a few antiquated things trolleys outside the doormen’s zone, the kind of trolley that has since a long time ago vanished from British route stations.

Seremban Railway Station

After painstakingly crossing the occupied street before the station, you will see a shopping center before transforming into Jalan Yam Tuan where you will discover the lovely and faultlessly tended Sri Bala Thandayuthapani Hindu Temple. A businessman of Sri Lankan cause fabricated this sanctuary in 1895. Inside is a breathtaking, unpredictably embellished brilliant chariot produced using copper plated teak, finished with 2.5kg of gold. Ask authorization and uproot shoes before entering.

Sri Bala Thandayuthapani Hindu Temple.

Another tourist destination confronting the sanctuary is the Lake Gardens, which is a decently prepped park with full grown trees, running ways, gazebos, manicured gardens and a few lakes, one of which has a gliding stage for social exhibitions. The cutting edge State Mosque ignores the Lake Gardens. The mosque has nine columns speaking to the 9 areas making up the State of Negeri Sembilan (which truly deciphers as ‘nine states’).

Lake Gardens

In the wake of strolling a few minutes on street , you will get a much more stupendous looking State Library building. Initially serving as the workplace of the State Secretary, this frontier perfect work of art was likewise inherent 1912 and outlined by A.B.Hubback, the designer is in charge of a large portion of Kuala Lumpur’s renowned milestones.

The plaque outside said that the library contains more than a million books and was once known as the Sir Henry Gurney Library. Nonetheless, the building was totally unfilled of books so maybe it is being reserved for another reason. Seremban is without a doubt little, yet it can at present issue you a short and wonderful occasional visit.

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